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thank you note

This month, I would just like to take a few minutes to praise God for the wonderful brothers and sisters He has placed in my life to provide counsel, to edify, to encourage and exhort me in my walk with Christ and my service as a new pastor.
Were it not for the gracious financial support of our home church, I could not afford to rent a meeting place for our services, nor could I have purchased the materials needed to advertise. More importantly, if not for their prayers, I would not have the daily strength to go my secular job and still complete the tasks involved in starting a new work.
Without my pastor’s encouragement, I would still be wondering if God could use a leaky vessel such as me, and without his counsel I would have made some potentially regrettable decisions in ministry.
I am thankful for the members of Victory Baptist Boise, Bonners Ferry Baptist, and Clark Fork Baptist churches for their sweet fellowship as we have settled into our new home and for their encouragement and support in beginning this work.
I am thankful as well for Brothers Dan Knickerbocker and James Stone for being used of God to instill in me a desire to plant and pastor a church.
I am thankful for the numerous other friends, family, and even those, whom I have never met, who are offering up prayers on my behalf.
Finally, I am thankful for the amazing wife and children that God has entrusted to me. Without their faith and support, I would have failed before I ever started in this journey.
God is good and faithful to supply our every need exactly when we need it. He has demonstrated this to me in sending the right people at the exact right moments in my life. Now, I am excited to see who He will send on October 4th, and each Sunday after until He sees fit to send His Son again.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Amen. God is so Good. We are praying daily for your family.

  2. Julia Gilbreath says:

    Keeping you in my prayers Harry and Jennifer and Rebecca and Harrison!! 🙂
    Praying for a Full house on your first Sunday!!

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