About us


In the Old Testament, God shares with us the story of a man named Caleb to whom God promised a mountain for an inheritance. Trusting God’s promises, Caleb spent forty years living in view of that mountain and the Bible says of Caleb that he, “wholly followed the LORD…”. Mountain View Baptist Church is named and dedicated to the example of that Old Testament saint. Our prayer is that we would live our lives in view of God’s promises and that we also would wholly follow Him.

Following the plan laid out in the scriptures, Metropolitan Baptist Church in Ft Worth, Texas sent Harry Sheppard to Bonner County Idaho in June of 2015. In obedience to Jesus’s command to His people, we seek to proclaim the good news of salvation through Christ, to see believers obey the Lord in believer’s baptism, and to see Christians taught, strengthened, and encouraged in their faith.


In 2013, God began to burden Pastor Harry with a need to see the inland northwest and to consider relocating his family there. Over the next several months, he and his family made two trips to Bonner County Idaho and each time his heart was more convicted that God would one day lead him to settle in the area. During the ensuing year, Pastor Harry continued to wrestle with the Lord about the timing of this relocation until he surrendered to the Lord’s will in the matter. From that very moment, God began to miraculously open doors and in a matter of weeks: their property in Texas was sold, he was offered and accepted a position at Bonner General Health, and temporary housing was secured. So on June first, the day after graduating from Texas Theological University, with the blessings and support of their home church, the Sheppard family set out for their new home in the Sandpoint area. Now, just two years after that seed was first planted by the Lord in Brother Harry’s heart, he is eager to see it bear fruit in the lives of those reached by Mountain View Baptist Church.