How did you limit God today?

In the Old Testament, God gives us a story about a widow who God blessed tremendously. In her time of struggle and need, God literally poured out a blessing for her and her son.

For those not familiar with the story, in a nutshell, she was broke. God told her to gather pots, bowls, cups, whatever she could find and He filled every one with oil. She was able to sell this oil and pay her bills. Often, the focus of this story in sermons is that God always provides and that is absolutely true but today, God reminded me of another truth in this message. The oil only stopped because there were no more vessels. God was only limited by what she was prepared to accept.

God has provided my family with a beautiful property here in Idaho. The only issue thus far, our well is only producing around 30 gallons per day thanks to the drought conditions. We have viewed this as an opportunity to be better stewards, to be resourceful, and to seek other means of gathering water. As a result, we have begun a rain-catchment system and can now store about 250 gallons of water with plans to expand as we are able.

Today, after we installed the gutters and called it a day, the lightening began to flash and the heavens poured forth a blessing for us. Amazingly, we collected enough rain water to fill our storage tank and then the rain stopped. Remember, we are in a drought, there was a 7% chance of rain today, and it lasted long enough to give us exactly what we were prepared to receive.


I had to ask myself how much more rain would have fallen if I was prepared for it. While God may not have sent anymore rain, the underlying thought holds true. How much more would God bless us if we believed HE would?

How many more converts if we were prepared to share the gospel? How many more disciples if we were prepared to teach? How many more miracles if we were prepared to experience them? The only thing limiting God from performing the same wonderful miracles we read about in the Bible is our lack of provision for it.

As we approach the opening service of Mountain View Baptist, I have been praying and preparing for 50 in attendance. Now I am rethinking that number. IF God chooses to send us more than the fire code allows, then we can move the services outside; and if He chooses not to then at least I will know that it wasn’t due to a lack of preparation on our part. My prayer is that I would not limit God in His ability to work because I am not prepared for it.

In closing I would echo the sentiments of Andrew Murray who advised, “Beware in your prayers, above everything else, of limiting God, not only by unbelief, but by fancying that you know what He can do.”


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  1. Proviann Martin says:

    So glad to hear the report on how all of you are doing. The message was a blessing; God does provide.

    • Bro. Harry says:

      Thank you for your kind words. We truly feel blessed. Your family, having lived elsewhere, understands how spoiled we are as Americans and this has been a great reminder of God’s call to stewardship and of His faithfulness in provision. I will try to be more consistent in updating everyone.

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